Supreme court releases ex-NSSF Managing Director Jamwa


The Supreme Court in Kampala has released on bail, David Chandi Jamwa,the former Managing Director for National Social Security Fund.

Jamwa’s bail that he had got in 2011 was early this year cancelled when the Court of Appeal in Kampala quashed an application challenging his 12 year sentence on charges of causing financial loss to government.He would later declared intention to appeal the sentence by the Anti Corruption Court and subsequently applied for bail in the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday Justice Stella Amoko Arach said she had been satisfied with the application by Jamwa for bail and subsequently released him pending his appeal.

“He is released on a cash bail of shs10 million and he is required to surrender to the court registrar his passport with a promise that he will not apply for a new one when it expires in October 2018,”said the judge in a ruling read by Godfrey Opefen, the court registrar.

In his bail application, Jamwa said he was suffering from obesity and hypertension, conditions which require special attention and a balanced diet that would only be got outside prison.


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