Prophet sacked from Church!


The Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness has revoked the appointment of Nabbi Daudi Frederick Isanga Bamutiire as a prophet and head of the Church accusing him of diverting from the Church’s foundation doctrines!

Addressing a press conference at his residence located at Ripon gardens in Jinja town,  Micros Mafabi Joshua, one of the founders of the church said Isanga had created acts that have defamed the church leading to the departure of many ‘children of God’ and instilled fear in those left behind.

Mr. Mafabi Joshua

He also accuses Isanga of living a luxurious life of buying vehicles and chunks of land etc which is against the church doctrines of empowering the children of God.

Mafabi also accused Isanga of injustices towards married couples whereby he is alleged to have caused separation of many marriages which is against the church doctrines.

The followers of the church say, the man of God had ran the church astray.

Ajja Desire one of the members of the church, explained to the media how he was tortured by the man of God Nabbi Isanga Daudi.

Ajja Desire

It is therefore against this background that Micros Mafabi Joshua has decided to repossess the leadership of the church!

They wrote him a document showing all the things he has been doing in the church.

Last year, a video circulated on social media showing Nabbi Isanga caning some of his followers who had committed sin!


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